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Employee Benefits Package

In today's world, many companies and organizations fully understand the importance of the employee benefits package. Employers know that a competitive compensation package always sustains a robust workforce and productivity. The employee benefits package is a tangible or intangible non-wage or salary compensation paid to workers. You can also call it fringe benefits. In many companies, the benefits include:

  • Health and medical benefits
  • 401(k) Plan (Retirement plans)
  • Employee group life insurance
  • Long and short-term disability covers

Importance of the Employee Benefits Package

These benefits show your employees that you are also invested in their future. The benefits also let your workers feel appreciated for their input, thus motivating them more. In addition, it makes your business competitive and helps you retain your workforce, increasing productivity.

What Should Employee Benefits Package Include?

Employee benefits differ from one organization to another. Therefore, we recommend seeking a professional's guidance to understand the options you can consider. Our experts at Padilla Wealth Management have the experience and information to guide you on how to determine the right package to offer your employees.

Most companies' employee benefits include,

  • Retirements plans such as a 401(k) plan
  • Employee group life insurance
  • Pensions and stock options
  • Child care
  • Bonuses and sometimes profit sharing

It's worth noting that some benefits are mandatory and required by state or federal law. These are mainly,

  • Health and medical benefits
  • Long and short term disability insurance

However, find out what your state requires, or you can consult our professionals to guide you on what is mandatory or not.

How to Improve Employee Benefits Package

Employee benefits are varied and wide-reaching strategies to improve or boost productivity and engagement. After picking the right package for your employees following our experts' guidance at Padilla Wealth Management, here are ways you can improve employee benefits.

Involve employees by encouraging feedback

You can establish a leadership team or culture committee to generate feedback from your workers. This will help you make informed decisions on improving the benefits package.

Understand what your competitors are doing

One way of staying ahead or maintaining a competitive edge it's by understanding what your competitors are doing. In this case, you can determine what your competitor's employee benefits contain every few years or as convenient and plan yours accordingly.

Review your packages occasionally

The business field today is rapidly changing, especially as technology advances. The living standards are going higher each day, a point of concern for many people. You can re-evaluate your employee benefits with our experts' help and integrate your workers' ideas and opinions to offer reasonable and effective packages. Reviewing will also help avoid fund misallocation.

Make your benefits unique

Ensure you take a proactive approach when designing your employee benefits package. This strategy will help you understand what is beneficial to your workers and prevent resource wastage. A unique package must focus on protecting, producing, providing, and being convenient to your employees.

If you don't understand how to do it, let our Padilla Wealth Management experts guide you.

What are examples of Employee Benefits?

Since employee benefits vary in different organizations, traditionally, some benefits are widely accepted and fit all generations regardless of the workplace. They mainly include,

  • 401(k) Plan(Retirement plan)
  • Health and Medical Benefits
  • Employee Group Life Insurance
  • Long and Short Term Disability

401(k) Plan(Retirement plan)

This benefit helps employees work with a sense of security for their future in their retirement life. The 401(k) plan is the most common benefit in the U.S, where employees make regular contributions towards a retirement fund. Our professionals can give you more information on this plan.

Health and Medical Benefits

Most of these plans offer cover for visits to physicians, emergency care, hospitalization, and other specialists. Other medical benefits include dental care, vision, prescription, and wellness programs such as gym subscriptions.

Employee Group Life Insurance

This category mainly includes life and health insurance. Life insurance gives an employee the confidence that their family is covered in the event of an accident or death. It includes funeral expenses and living costs under the set period.

Long and Short Term Disability

Long and short-term disability benefits cover the employee's salary in case of disability. The short-term mainly covers a worker up to six months, while the long-term covers a lifetime salary for disabled employees.

Client Centered

With all these employee benefits packages, you will need an expert to give you more details as they guide you on making an informed decision. Padilla Wealth Management will provide you with more information to help you understand and make a decision. Call us today.

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